Intro to Yoga

Tuesdays | September 3 - 24 | 6:00 - 7:15pm

 This 4-week course includes one class per week where you'll learn basic postures, breathing techniques and skills in a small group setting that focuses on individualized attention. You'll feel stronger and more flexible in your body, more relaxed in mind and will have the knowledge and confidence to participate in regular group classes.


Led by Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

& Deb Wineman. The Jewish calendar is a doorway into the spiritual rhythm of our year. The Jewish holidays guide us through all of human experience: joy and sadness, loss and rebirth, retreat and awakening. We are embodied beings, and we move through our lives with our whole selves: mind, heart, body and spirit. In this special program, together we will move through the Jewish calendar and experience the invitation of the holidays to become more present to the deep knowledge and strength that dwells in our bodies. We will celebrate and harness our embodied experience through Jewish wisdom and customized yoga practice. We invite you to join a growing, open-hearted community (of all levels of yoga and Jewish learning) for the year of embodied practiced for the cost of $180.