Custom Classes

Yoga can benefit so many different people!


The postures are therapeutic and bring the body into balance.  The breath practices support good health and emotional balance.  The practice of yoga can be a good addition to a specific sport or activity and additive to any spiritual practice or inner work. 


With 13 years of training and experience working with varying physical abilities and different goals, I enjoy designing unique yoga practices that fits the students’ needs.


I would be honored to work with your group to create a customized yoga class or program.  Please contact me here to brainstorm.

Create Your Own Community 

“During the pandemic, my friends and I from different parts of the country have been meeting over zoom for yoga led by Deb.  She puts so much into our gatherings with excellent instruction, custom playlists and contemplative questions that always spark amazing conversations.”

-Virtual Group Private Student

“One of Deb's greatest gifts is her unique way of creating a safe, welcoming space for all levels to practice.  She is a brilliant guide to a practice without judgment, without depletion.  Her friendly style encourages self-expression and transforms the 'edge' of a posture from a place of fear to a place of discovery.”

-Small Group Yoga Student


With years of experience teaching and collaborating in the virtual space, I am happy to offer custom classes and programs over Zoom.  Whether you want to work through an imbalance in your body through a specialized yoga class or practice yoga together with friends across the world, we can design a virtual option.