Sending love and hope for health,

resilience and understanding during this

unique time in our broken-open world.

Yoga is a vehicle for transformation and healing.

Yoga provides grounding and community.

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Hi! I am Deb. 

I am so glad to connect with you in this space where, together, we can explore holistic practices (mind-body-spirit) through yoga classes, workshops and conversation.  Many of my programs are online and offered in partnership with my local studios and learning centers.

Welcome to a conscious, caring and inclusive community.


About Me

I have been teaching yoga to different populations for 13 years in the Chicago area. Whether I am leading a vinyasa flow class set to heart-opening music, working with complete beginners to find their breath or guiding youth through a meditation to relieve stress, I aspire to teach peace.  Peace takes practice.  Yoga is a beautiful life-long practice that I am committed to share.


 When I'm not practicing, teaching, reading and writing about yoga, I love to hike, ski, snow shoe, walk the beach, stand-up paddle board, slack-line, have dance parties with my kids, and talk for hours with friends. 


I enjoy studying the sacred texts of yoga and other spiritual traditions. To maintain balance, I strive to align my life with the living principles of yoga, the values and wisdom of Judaism and the rhythm of the Hebrew calendar. My yoga and Jewish practices inform each other and provide tools and structure toward living an authentic, peaceful, whole life.