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Through collaboration, custom sessions and personalized practice plans, I aspire to make yoga accessible, impactful and beneficial for everyone.

Custom Classes

Yoga can benefit so many different people! 


The postures are therapeutic and bring the body into balance.  The breath practices support good health and emotional balance.  The practice of yoga can be a good addition to a specific sport or activity and additive to any spiritual practice of any tradition and personal growth.


With 15 years of training and experience working with varying physical abilities and different goals, I enjoy designing unique yoga practices that fits the students’ needs.


If it is more comfortable or convenient to connect virtually, I am happy to offer custom classes over Zoom.  Whether you want to work through an imbalance in your body through a specialized yoga class or practice yoga together with friends across the world, we can design a virtual option. 

Please email me to discuss your intentions and needs.

Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

I have had the good fortune to study and train with brilliant teachers who continually challenge me and elevate my teaching. I value my mentors who illuminate my blind spots and generously reflect my strengths back to me.  I am committed to offering support and feedback to yoga teachers and help them best share their gifts.

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to "talk yoga" and see yourself more clearly as a communicator and educator, let's set up a an initial coaching session.

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Embodied Jewish Spirituality

As a spiritual aspirant and committed student of yoga and its rich history and philosophy, I found my way into the life-affirming teachings in my own tradition of Judaism.


Over the last five years, I have been combining wisdom from the Torah and experiential practices from the Jewish mystics with daily yoga and meditation practices to bring balance in my life. I offer Jewish-themed yoga classes throughout the Hebrew calendar in partnership with Jewish organizations and places of worship. As a faculty member of  Orot - Center for New Jewish Learning, I lead sacred movement, embodied spiritual practices, women's Shabbat retreats and half-day retreats.


I strive to offer engaging classes and workshops that provide embodied explorations of Jewish themes and teachings in a spiritual language that resonates with our jewish souls. Through balanced, breath-focused yoga practices infused with philosophy, ancient wisdom and beautiful music, my intention is to empower students of all levels of yoga and religious background feel awake, inspired and whole.

I would be honored to collaborate with your educators or clergy to create a unique embodied spiritual practice.  Please email me to tell me more about your work.

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